Upcoming Shows

I have a stand up album out. It’s called “Tertium Non Datur.” You can buy it here at a very competitive price point.

I appear on “The Perfect Women” every Wednesday at 7PST/10EST on adultswim.com/streams.

I’ve got a podcast with Howard Kremer about grifting called Grifthorse; you can listen to it on iTunes and Soundcloud. I’ve also got ANOTHER podcast with Clare O’Kane called Where I’m Calling From; you can also listen to it on iTunes and Soundcloud. Why do I have two podcasts, you ask? The answer is simple: complete desperation.

Saturday, October 19th, 5PM—Plate Special at Zebulon, 2478 Fletcher Dr, Los Angeles, FREE

Monday, October 21st, 9PM—The Business at Little Joy, 1477 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, FREE

Wednesday, October 30th, 8:30PM—The Comedy Bunker at The Kampus, 13849 Weddington St, Sherman Oaks, $10 ($5 if you come in costume)